Boiler and Condenser Tubing

We have direct from the mill stock of the most common tube sizes and grades.

SA178-A boiler tube from 1" OD thru 4" OD in common wall thickness, made in the USA condenser /
exchanger tubing in 5/8" OD thru 7/8" OD in SA-214 carbon steel, SB-111 C12200 copper, SA-249
T-304 stainless steel, SB-111 C70600 cupronickel carried in common wall thicknesses, made in
the USA.

We also have stock of seamless carbon steel, alloy and stainless steel boiler tubing in various
sizes and specifications: SA192, SA210, SA213 T11, SA213 T22, SA209 T1, SA213 TP 310H.

In addition, we have good sources to help you obtain your boiler tubing requirements.

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